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Bungalow 5 Olive Branch Statue in Gold Bungalow 5 Olive Branch Statue in Gold


Our Price: $94.00
Bungalow 5 Felix the Dog Statue Felix Statue by Bungalow 5

Giacometti inspired

Our Price: $120.00
A statue of a nude woman with arms over her head in rough bronze finish 17.5 inches tall. Coppelia Statue by Bungalow 5

Bronze Dancer

Our Price: $139.00
Sapphire blue glass bowl with facets showing light and dark blue ridges Delaunay Bowl by Bungalow 5

Capturing the rich sapphire tones with interwoven faceted mouth blown glass, the Bungalow 5 Delaunay bowl is an exceptional room accessory.  Gorgeous way to bring a pop of color into any setting. It's as practical as it is pretty and can be filled with fruit, flowers, stones, beads, etc.

Our Price: $184.00
Demi Statue in Gold is an interwoven circle on a black marble base Demi Statue in Gold, Bungalow 5

Interwoven Bronze Circle

Our Price: $184.00
A lovely round white porcelain topiary statue 8" high Bungalow 5 Boston Round Porcelain Topiary, White

A Green Thumbs Delight!

Our Price: $402.00